Upon opening Achievements for the first time in the Solitaire Game tab, you may find a list of vacant badges. Achievements are a bonus feature that offer new challenges to your Solitaire game.

Spoiler Alert - we have listed how to achieve the following Achievements.

Dedication Award - Win 500 games
Night Owl - Play a game between 4-5 am
Early Bird - Play a game between 6-7 am
Patience Award - Play a game that lasts over 30 minutes
Flash Cards - Win a game in less than 3 minutes
If At First You Don't Succeed - Win a game after using the Replay button
Fine Taste - Begin several new games until you find the right one
Spice It Up - Try several different customized backgrounds
Flawless One - Win a draw-one game without restocking
Flawless Three - Win a draw-three game without restocking
Opportunist - Switch from draw-three to draw-one in the middle of a game
One Down, 499 To-Go - Win your first Solitaire game
High Roller - Win $500 in Vegas cumulative
Lunch Money - Win a Vegas game
Helping Hand - Use a heavy hand on the Hint button
Backtrack - Use a heavy hand on the Undo button

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