The paid versions of our apps will never display advertisements. If you are seeing ads after having purchased Solitaire, you are likely using the free, ad-supported version of the game.
If you purchased the ad-free version of Solitaire within the game as an in-app purchase:
  1. Check to make sure that your purchase was successful in your Play Store Purchase History
  2. If the purchase was successful, return to Solitaire
  3. Tap the game screen to raise the bottom menu bar
  4. Select the Options tab
  5. Select 'Restore Purchases' at the bottom of the tab
If you purchased the ad-free version of Solitaire as a separate application in the Play Store:
The icon of the ad-free version sold in the App Store has a gold /yellow border around the app, while the free version's icon does not.
We recommend deleting the free version after purchasing the ad-free version to avoid confusion between the two. To locate the premium version, and delete the free version of Solitaire, search 'Solitaire' using the Search tool, hold down the free version and delete it. For additional support, check out the Android Support articles below for locating, deleting and restoring your ad-free version.
Android Support Articles:
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