If you purchased the game at some point, there is no need to purchase it again!
To restore a purchase of the ad-free version:
1. Tap the game screen to raise the menu bar - OR - tap the MENU button
2. Select the OPTIONS tab - OR - SETTINGS tab
3. Scroll down and tap the RESTORE PURCHASES
If this doesn't work:
2. Reopen the app
3. Try the RESTORE PURCHASES button again in the OPTIONS/ SETTINGS tab
If this method does not work, we recommend checking your App Store account purchase history and be sure to sign in with your original Apple ID. From your purchase history, you will be able to restore the game by downloading it if it is not already installed on your device. Check your App Store purchase history through this link.
It may be that you have both the free, and ad-free versions of Solitaire installed on your device. We recommend deleting the free version to avoid confusion. To check:
  1. Search your device for “Solitaire” using the Finder tool.
    • To search your iPhone/iPad just drag your finger downwards anywhere on the home screen, and a search bar will appear at the top. Here is a link to an Apple Support article demonstrating how to search.
  2. If two icons appear, one with a gold border (the paid version) and one without a border, delete the one without a gold border.
    1. To delete an app just press the icon on your home screen and hold until you see the option to 'Rearrange Apps,' when it starts to wiggle and a small "x" appears in the corner- press the "x" to delete it.
    2. Here is a link to an Apple Support article demonstrating how to delete an app


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