In-app purchases require an internet connection to communicate with the App Store. If your device isn't connected to Wifi or cellular data or if it's in Airplane mode, the App Store won't be able to register your purchase.
Make sure you're signed into the same Apple ID account that you used to make the purchase.
You can review your Purchase History or check out how App Store purchases are billed.
If you purchased the ad-free version of Solitaire within the game as an in-app purchase:
  1. Tap the MENU button
  2. Select SETTINGS
  3. Scroll down and tap the RESTORE PURCHASES at the bottom of the tab
If you purchased Solitaire as a separate application in the App Store, that is Solitaire+. The icon will have a gold border around the app and not show any ads. If you see ads in your current game, but you purchased Solitaire+, you are using the free version with ads.
For additional support, check out the Apple Support articles below for locating, deleting and restoring your ad-free version.
Apple Support Articles:


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