Upon opening Achievements for the first time in the Solitaire Game tab, you may find a list of vacant badges. Achievements are a bonus feature that offer new challenges to your Solitaire game.

If you are unable to see Achievements in your menu's Game tab, it is likely because your device is not signed into Game Center. To access Game Center:
  1. Access your Settings application (gray gear icon)
  2. Scroll and select Game Center
  3. Sign into Game Center with your Apple ID & return to Solitaire
Spoiler Alert - we have listed how to achieve the following Achievements.

Dedication Award - Win 500 games
Night Owl - Play a game between 4-5 am
Early Bird - Play a game between 6-7 am
Patience Award - Play a game that lasts over 30 minutes
Flash Cards - Win a game in less than 3 minutes
If At First You Don't Succeed - Win a game after using the Replay button
Fine Taste - Begin several new games until you find the right one
Spice It Up - Try several different customized backgrounds
Flawless One - Win a draw-one game without restocking
Flawless Three - Win a draw-three game without restocking
Opportunist - Switch from draw-three to draw-one in the middle of a game
One Down, 499 To-Go - Win your first Solitaire game
High Roller - Win $500 in Vegas cumulative
Lunch Money - Win a Vegas game
Helping Hand - Use a heavy hand on the Hint button
Backtrack - Use a heavy hand on the Undo button

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