Achievements are connected to Apple's Game Center and your Apple ID. If you find that there is an achievement that you completed, but it did not unlock or get a completed badge, try the following:
  1. Restart your iOS device
  2. Go to Apple's Game Center by accessing your Apple Settings > scroll down to find Game Center or search for Game Center in the search bar
  3. In Game Center, scroll down to the bottom to sign out of your Game Center account
  4. Sign back in, by toggling ON Game Center and select continue to sign into your Game Center account
  5. Tap View Profile  > scroll down to find the Solitaire app to review your achievements
If your achievement still did not unlock, you can report this issue to our team by tapping the Contact Us button in the top right corner or send us a message at

*Please note, we do not have access to a player's Game Center account and cannot make any changes to a player's achievements, statistics, or scores.