You can enable Vegas scoring from the options menu. Vegas scoring rules are as follows:
You pay the house $52 to play a single game, $1 for every card in the deck. Cards are dealt 3 at a time and you win $5 for every card you release to the foundations. Therefore, you must move 11 cards to the foundations to become profitable. The maximum score for this game is $208, if you win.
Vegas scoring limits you to 1 pass through the stock in Draw-1 mode and 3 passes in Draw-3 mode. Reaching the maximum limit of passes through the stock is denoted by a large "X" symbol on the stock placeholder.
You can enable the Cumulative mode when playing a Vegas game to carry over your earnings or losses from a previous game to the next game. The Cumulative mode can be enabled from the options menu. If you wish to reset the Cumulative earnings, you can do so from the options menu with the "Reset Vegas" button.
Please note, there is no real money involved in Vegas Solitaire.
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