I’m stuck and can’t win my game!

Running into a dead end at any point of Solitaire is normal, yet it can also be frustrating. Try the undo slider to go back to any point in your game, which will allow you to undo the previous moves and make new selections.

This method can also be used to reset the game without it counting as a loss.

To access the undo slider, bring up the Solitaire menu bar at the bottom of the screen and then tap and hold the Undo button. From there, tap then slide to the point of the game you want to revisit.

Keep in mind, if you undo the slider to the beginning of the game, you may see an ad. We show ads to keep Solitaire free and to support our team.

If you encounter any problematic ads, report them to our team by tapping the Brainium logo > Help > Contact Us. Include a detailed description and title of the ad, as well as the time the ad was shown. If possible, a screenshot of the ad will help our team locate and investigate the ad much more quickly.


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