To activate myVIP, connect your Solitaire game with your myVIP account by using your Apple ID or Facebook account.

To authenticate Solitaire to myVIP:

  1. Select the myVIP button at the bottom of the screen

2. Tap the CONNECT myVIP button

3. Authenticate using your Apple ID or Facebook account (choose one method only)

4. Once you select your connection method, you will need to confirm to activate it.

Connecting with Apple ID: 

1. A notification will appear asking if you want to sign in to the Solitaire app using your current Apple ID 

2. Tap Continue

    1. 3. Confirm with your Face ID or Apple Passcode

Connecting with Facebook: 

1. A notification will appear asking if the Solitaire app can use to Sign in

2. Tap Continue

3. You will be redirected to sign into your Facebook account

It is very important to use one authentication method so you can sync your account with other myVIP games and continue gaining Loyalty Points (LP) to go towards rewards!

We are still rolling out myVIP to players, so if you do not see myVIP in your Solitaire app, don't worry! We will be releasing this feature to all of our players very soon!

Check out myVIP for additional information.


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