If you recently rotated your device to play in landscape or portrait mode, it occasionally takes a few minutes for ads to update to reflect the orientation switch. You may notice the first one or two ads shown may be in the previously set orientation. When the ad is showing in portrait orientation while the device is set to landscape orientation, the exit button will appear offscreen outside of the ad. This can also happen with a landscape ad showing in portrait orientation. When either of these occur, you can briefly rotate your device into the other orientation to reveal the exit button.
If you did not recently rotate your device, it is a possibility the ad is broken and we recommend reporting the ad. To submit an ad-report, begin a chat with one of our support agents: include a description of the ad, why it violates our terms and a screenshot of the ad, if possible. Having a visual reference (screenshot) greatly improves the ad investigation process. Learn how to take a screenshot below depending on your device.
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