While it may seem like some boards may be missing a tile, it is likely underneath another tile or can be paired with another tile of the same category. A couple examples that can be matched with different tiles from the same category are the flower and season tiles. Keep in mind that all Mahjong games can be solved.

Are you stuck on a game? Here are a few tips:

Try out the Show Playable feature offered in the Options tab in the menu bar. Show Playable dims the tiles that cannot be moved, and illuminates the tiles that can be played.

The game offers an unlimited Undo feature, this can be accessed within the Mahjong menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Tap undo and use the slider to retract moves and try out different sets of moves. Use this to start back from square one and reset the board without it counting as a loss.

Check out the Hint feature, this tool provides matches that you may not see right away. This feature can be accessed in the lower menu bar.

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