Is your game unresponsive? If your game is freezing or not responding to touch, we recommend taking the following steps:
Force quit the app. Depending on your device, reference this Android Help guide on how to force quit your app.
Clear app cache:
  1. Access device Settings application
  2. Select Application Manager/Storage (this varies on devices)
  3. Select Spider Solitaire
  4. Choose Clear Cache
  5. Relaunch Spider Solitaire and continue playing
Android Support Articles:
If the freezing continues, contact us by accessing the Contact Us button in the upper-right corner of this article. Please walk us through what happened in the game before it was unresponsive, here are some points that are helpful to include:
  • What point in the game did the freeze occur? (Upon starting a new game, during a game, after the game completed, etc.)
  • Does the game seem to freeze due to anything specific or at certain times during play?
  • Does this happen when/after an ad appears or when you try to close it?
  • Do you have a stable wifi or network connection when this occurs?
Providing as much detail as possible will help us to identify the issue!


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