If your game is freezing, closing, or not responding, we recommend taking the following steps:
    • Force quit/ close the Sudoku app
      • Depending on your device, reference this Android Help Guide guide on how to force quit your app
    • Relaunch the Sudoku app
If that does not help, try clearing the cache of the app:
    1. Access the device Settings 
    2. Select Application Manager/Storage (this varies on devices)
    3. Select Sudoku
    4. Choose Clear Cache
    5. Relaunch the Sudoku app and continue playing

If your game is still having issues, make sure to update your app to  the latest version:

    1.  Go to your device's home screen and tap and hold the Sudoku app
    2. Select App Info
    3. Scroll down and tap Advanced
    4. Scroll down again and tap App Details > You'll then be redirected to the Google Play Store
    5. Tap the Update button
If the issue continues, please reach out to our team by tapping the chat button in the upper-right corner of this article and walk us through what happened in the game before the issue occurred:
  • At what point in the game did the freeze occur? (Upon starting a new game, during a game, after the game is completed, etc.)
  • Does the game seem to freeze due to anything specific or at certain times during play?
  • Does this happen when/after an ad appears or when you try to close it?
  • Do you have a stable wifi or network connection when this occurs?
  • Are your Sudoku app and Android device up-to-date?