The objective of Sudoku is to fill every empty square of the 9x9 grid so that each column, row, and 3x3 block contains all of the numbers 1 through 9 exactly once.

The numbers that are provided in the beginning cannot be changed.

There is only one correct solution for each Sudoku puzzle. No guessing is necessary, all solutions can be found with pure logic.

Sudoku Board


Sudoku by Brainium has 5 difficulty levels. Each difficulty has an associated "Par Time."

Completing a puzzle under par time awards you 1 bonus point for every second. Additionally, you're awarded points just for completing a puzzle successfully.

This amount increases based on the puzzle's difficulty.

Your score is penalized based on the number of mistakes made during that puzzle.

Mistakes that are identified by the game can be a huge advantage in solving a puzzle, and a mistake that reveals the solution to a difficult segment of a puzzle can potentially affect the overall difficulty rating for that puzzle.

Accordingly, the penalties for mistakes increase based on puzzle difficulty. You can always turn off Auto-check Errors in the options menu to avoid getting penalized for accidental inputs.



Par Time | 5:00

Difficulty Bonus | +100

Penalty Per Mistake | -30



Par Time | 10:00

Difficulty Bonus | +250

Penalty Per Mistake | -50



Par Time | 15:00

Difficulty Bonus | +500

Penalty Per Mistake | -100



Par Time | 25:00

Difficulty Bonus | +875

Penalty Per Mistake | -150



Par Time | 30:00

Difficulty Bonus | +1200

Penalty Per Mistake | -200


Note: Your score and best times only qualify for Google Play Games global leaderboards when you complete a puzzle without using any hints. In the win dialog of a puzzle, a spinning green star denotes a qualifying score.

You can also review the Sudoku Rules in the app by tapping on the Sudoku screen to bring up the bottom menu bar and tapping on the Rules tab.



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